About Us

My name is Jennifer Panehal-Pelayo, and I live in Summerville “Flowertown”, South Carolina. I am married to my husband Christopher Pelayo, and we have 4 dog babies, Cowboy who is a 8 year old black Chow Chow (yes he is male!), Cowgirl, our 7 year old female cream Shar Pei, and then our two youngest “twins”, Snowball and Blizzard, who are 2 year old white male Chow Chows who we rescued. Chris and I love many things, but dogs are definitely on the top of our list! We love our furkids, probably a little too much, but they deserve it! ♥ Also on the top of our list, is our love for DIY and Home Projects, which is the reason for starting this blog. This blog is to share our progress with our historic home we bought in Summerville, and its renovations and projects as we go! 



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