Putting Food on the Table


As I have mentioned before, one of our hobbies we love to do together, is hiking, and Chris is very into guns and survival knowledge, so right before we left Arizona, he was just getting into hunting too. Well now he is full swing hunting a couple times a week, and starting to bring us home food he has caught. He is having so much fun, and is truly in his element. We had a Roast Goose for our Christmas dinner, we made Deer Jerky this week, and next up is a Duck BBQ. He went camping this weekend on our friends farm up the road which is a few hundred acres on the Ashley River, and they broke in his Skeet Thrower I got him for Christmas and caught some more ducks too. So I thought I would share with you a post and pictures of my husbands adventures, since that has become a regular part of our life. Duck season ends at the end of the month and then in the spring is turkey season, then deer, small game, and fishing, so he is making it a goal to eventually stock the freezer. I posted pictures below of them out in the swamp and river on the prowl, I left out any pictures of the animals they caught, as I do not want to see them either! I told him I am fine with the hunting as long as I don’t have to see it…


I also wanted to mention how we like to get our other meat for our freezer, such as chicken, ground beef, steaks, and bacon. Back in Arizona, my aunt Diann came upon this company called “Zaycon”, and we placed an order and was hooked! Now what Zaycon is, is a high quality Farm to Table company that buys and sells in bulk, therefore giving you a lower cost per lb than the regular grocery store. At the same time their meat is hormone free and very very fresh because they cut out the middle man, it comes directly from the farm to your trunk. Now I say trunk because its presented as a drive thru pick up. You place your order for the time and date and pickup location, pay online, drive up and pop your trunk, they load it, and your off! They are known most for their 40lbs of chicken breasts (which are the best we’ve ever had), but have also added on a lot more meats since we started using them. Here in the Charleston area, they have pickups in Ladson, Goose Creek, and Charleston. If you are interested in seeing whats available for your area and placing an order, click here. We also got a vacuum sealer to help freeze all the meats from QVC, its awesome! 

Lastly I wanted to give a tribute to my parents family dog, Hekili (meaning “thunder” in Hawaiian), he passed away very tragically a few days after they arrived home from visiting us. We all miss him very much, but know he is happy in doggie heaven! My parents are really worried about their other dog, U’ila, (meaning “lightning” in Hawaiian), because she is a rescue dog that is always scared and shy and depended on Hekili for everything. Her personality has changed drastically since he passed away, and we’re very worried, and with my parents working a lot, they hate leaving her alone. So although it is quicker than they personally wanted, they’re thinking she needs a friend, so they are fostering a new companion they got yesterday to see how it works out for the week! We have named her, Kahealani, (meaning “greeting the heavens” in Hawaiian), we thought the name was fitting and honored Hekili. So hopefully all goes well and U’ila can have a new friend to help her grieve and can grow to love Kahealani just as much. 

Rest in Peace Hekili 2006-2016


Hekili & U’ila




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