Its a New Year!

Aloha Friends!

I cannot believe how fast 2015 flew by! I feel like we just moved here and yet it has almost been a year! To end the year off right, we of course had to have an amazing Christmas first! My family came to stay with us the week of Christmas and we had many adventures! We had a Christmas feast with Prime Rib and a Roast Goose that Chris hunted himself, and we visited Magnolia Gardens which was beautifully in bloom because of the weird warm week we had. We had our Holiday Party which was so much fun seeing everyone! Then we ventured to Mt Pleasant at Shem Creek and walked the boardwalk and ate lunch on the water, and visited Fort Moultrie. The next day we ate lunch in Charleston at Poogan’s Porch and explored a little. Lastly we had New Years here in Summerville and ate at the Ice House, which was delicious! It all went by too quickly as always, but glad my family spent the holidays with us!

I added a bunch of pictures below of our holiday shenanigans, including a picture of what we did to our fireplace! I don’t remember if I have mentioned this in a previous post or not, so back story…Around November we had our chimneys inspected, because we have 7 fireplaces and wanted to have a fire in them…go figure…so come to find out, our chimneys are cemented shut…BOO! 😥

Our options were to spend $1200 to get out the cement, then $200 to sweep and inspect with a camera in each chimney ($200 x 7=broke), and then choose to have them relined (forgot that cost at this point, all I heard was more $$$), or $1000 for each set up of a gas line & logs if we didn’t reline them, and we would need dampers too, etc, and so on, you get the point…Neither were good options at the moment, maybe one day! So in Arizona, Chris and I had this fireplace in our master bedroom that was a “gel fireplace”! So I looked up if we could just find the logs and not use the rest of the box & mantle, and we could!!! So I ordered from Home Depot the “convert to gel fireplace logs” and ordered a set of 24 gel cans, maybe spent $200 total, and done!!!! We have a fire! It does give off some heat, it crackles, it is a real flame, and we love it! I love finding solutions to problems! Each can lasts about 3 hours, and I highly recommend them if you are in a situation like ours. 


So this first week of the new year, I have been packing up all our Christmas decorations which made me sad it was all over…until next christmas anyway! Chris and I have a couple things in the works we plan to do this year, so as always I will keep you all updated with our projects and what’s exciting in our little corner of the world! Happy New Year to you all! 

All of my Christmas friends don’t want to go in their boxes 😦


-Mahalo for reading! 


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