Where did November go?!


I cannot believe November has come and gone, and its DECEMBER! WHAT THE HECK??!! 

Well its officially the holiday season, and my favorite time of year! Which also comes with a million things on our plate. I have been consumed with making christmas decorations, finishing our shed, christmas shopping, car troubles, baking, electrical redone, painting (nothing new there), and Thanksgiving!

For Thanksgiving we were invited to our friends house with their family, and it was perfect! We are so happy that they invited us and are very thankful!


Here is the before, during, and afters of our shed which took up a majority of the month! You can see Chris added shelves inside, then windows, then we added a door that we found in the attic!IMG_6601IMG_6850IMG_6851IMG_6853IMG_6854IMG_6869IMG_6914IMG_6911

Last week we went with our friends to go find a christmas tree!IMG_7019IMG_7018

I have been making pies too! We handpicked and cracked these pecans from a tree next door! IMG_6978

I will be posting all our christmas decorations very very soon I promise! I am going to a wreath making party tomorrow night with some girlfriends, so once that puppy is on the front door, our decorations will be complete and pictures can be posted! 


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