history making 1000 year flood

Well if you haven’t heard it by now, you have to be living under a rock! We obviously had a HUGE flood here in South Carolina, and we have had every one reach out to us to make sure we are alright, which thank goodness we are fine! And thank you for those of you who reached out, we felt very loved! 

The flood all started with a warning that we were going to have heavy heavy rains, that would be 8-10 inches, well as a hurricane offshore got closer to the states, it fed that rainstorm more moisture, and we ended up with 4 days of constant rain, and we here in Summerville ended up with about 23 inches of rain after all was said and done! Luckily Chris was off work for the day where the heaviest rain fell, and after that, the state just shut down, every road was flooded out, schools and workplaces closed down, and you were either stuck at home or evacuating it. At first the flooding was just mainly in downtown Charleston, because on top of the rain, they had unusually high tides that had already been flooding the streets. But then as the rivers got more water, and rain continued, areas around us started flooding too. Our yard was completely under water, and the water was up to our cars door frame, but thank goodness it did not get in the cars! Our attic and fireplaces also leaked water, but that was all that happened.





I can’t even imagine what other families are going through right now. We drove over a bridge above the Ashley River that is usually 20 feet above the water, and the water was now almost touching the bridge! You can see in the pictures the water level is almost to the top of the electric poled and trees!


That Ashley River then flooded into a couple more subdivisions after the rain was done, where many homes are now still in the water, Chris and I drove through once the roads reopened and we took these pictures. It really hits you when you see the devastation in person rather than on a television screen. We watched boats pick up people from their front doors to evacuate, and cars and fences completely under water except for the very tops. If this happened to us, I don’t know how we would start over or where to go, so I am very grateful that we are ok! 



One of the devastated areas that makes me so sad, is the damage done to Cypress Gardens. You may recall in one of my previous posts that I mentioned how much we love Cypress Gardens, and it was what gave us the idea to move here in the first place, as it is where one of the most memorable scenes from the movie “The Notebook” was filmed. The gardens are closed now indefinitely, and is said to have 4 to 10 million dollars in damage!! They have had to cancel over a dozen weddings so far, and more to come if they cannot get the funds to fix it back up, which may take up to a year! Very sad to see all the damage to our state, but the people here are all coming together and lending a helping hand to one another, truly inspiring! 

So now onto something a little more positive…Now that its dry outside, we finally started painting our shed! 



I also made us a pumpkin man to celebrate fall! 


Happy Fall Y’all! Look at our Cowboy enjoying the Fall Leaves! 



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