working hard in the yard!


So in my last post I mentioned we have been painting! It seems to never end, and we needed a break, so we took the projects to the outside! 

First we had our 11 year anniversary, and 4 year wedding anniversary on Sept 24, 2015! And we always like to get each other something memorable for our anniversary, so this year one of the gifts was this swing I got us for our Oak Tree! I have always wanted a swing, but never had a tree in our yard, now we do, and we love it! It is made from reclaimed redwood, and I got it engraved (from etsy) to say “Chris and Jenna sitting in a tree…k-i-s-s-i-n-g! hehehehe…

Chris hung it for us the other day, and it just makes the yard complete 🙂




We also have these beautiful Red Spider Lilies blooming all over the yard! Was a nice fall surprise! IMG_6545

So we have a well in the yard that unfortunately is no longer standing in one piece, it was cut 1/3 off by the builder who brought the properties in back/side of us, and 10% was on his property, the previous owners and him fought over it, and one day he knocked it down when they weren’t home…horrible….so the previous owners filled it in and now all that remains is the  outer rim about 4 feet above the ground. So my goal is to make a fountain out of it and make it look like it is working, a “faux well”! Then on the other side of the house was this very old pump sticking out about 6″ out of the ground. it is no longer working, and the handle is gone, but I figured why not take that out and use it for my fountain. Combine the two non-working pieces on the property into a working focal point! So Chris dug it up for me, and it is amazing! We had no idea it was down that far! Where the pump came out was a whole under the ground leading to another brick well, still intact, hollow about 5 feet down that we could see, buried under the dirt! We may down the road do something cool with it, somehow…someday…at least we know it is there and we protected it intact for now! So cool!


Well…hahaha pun intended…moving on…Well next we have been talking about getting a garden shed, we don’t have a garage at this house, and although the house has a HUGE attic, it is to hard getting things up and down from there, and home renovating involves owning a lot of tools, on top of all our lawn equipment as well! So we went shopping around and bought a nice big shed! Chris is so excited about it and turning it into his “Man Shed”! So now…dun dun dun…we have to paint it! It always comes back to paint!!! But that has been delayed due to the 1000 year floor we just had, literally 2 days after the shed was delivered! The shed, the house, and all of us are fine! But the rest of the city, and state not so fine. I will make a blog post about it in a couple days, after I round up all my pictures from it all. 



Mahalo and enjoy our last Magnolia bloom of the season!

Oh and Chris got this fortune in his fortune cookie the other day! How funny! 



2 thoughts on “working hard in the yard!

  1. Love it…Fun swing. I love swings, we always had one in backyards. Can’t wait for the next issue 🙂 esp. about that awful flood. Hope the city is getting back to normal, but I know it takes a lot of time for all that water and the damage it caused so many. So glad you and Chris didn’t have to go through that your first year in the South. Great Fortune Cookie.


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