Happy Birthday to Me!


My birthday was on September 3, and I thought I would share with you our adventures! We haven’t ventured very far from Charleston yet, and wanted to start exploring the rest of the state. So to start, Chris took me to Beaufort for my birthday! Beaufort is a small seaside town near Hilton Head, and about an hour away from us, and is full of history and beauty! It looks a lot like Charleston with historical homes and Live Oak Trees with that flowing spanish moss, but the town does have a different feel to it. It definitely has more of a small town feel with quaint shops along the water in the town square, and it is surrounded by sea islands, which we also checked out! On the drive home we stopped at Charleston Cider Company and got homemade Apple & Pecan Pie and some Sweet Pickles! Hehe! 



We took this picture because there was so much spanish moss on the tree!



This was our view from our lunch table, we ate at “Plums” which was recommended to us by a few people, we enjoyed oysters and sandwiches! 


This was a courtyard of a historic home we walked by, and I want to do a fountain like this in our front yard someday, so I took a picture for inspiration!


We then visited some of the outer sea islands, which were all connected by stunning bridges, we stopped at “Hunting Island” and walked out onto the marsh which was really pretty!


For my birthday, Chris got me a massage with a “vino body wrap” which was a wine body scrub wrap and oh my goodness was it amazing! It was at this local place in Summerville called “The Spa” and it was just darling! They even gave me chocolate covered strawberries after with sparkling white grape juice which was a nice touch! I had never had a body wrap before, and now that I have I highly recommend it! My skin felt like silk afterward! By the way, Chris got me the gift from groupon! So he saved money on what would have been very expensive otherwise 😉


Then on Saturday, Sept 5, my Aunt Kathy came for a surprise visit as she was driving from Florida to Maryland, and asked if she could take me out to dinner for my birthday! It was so nice to see her and dinner was amazing, we ate at the Middleton Plantation, which has the most amazing view! We asked her to stay the night at our house and off she went in the a.m, short but very sweet! 


Thank you to all my family and friends that made my birthday such a special day, and I love you all! 

Also a little side note: I have a few acquaintances and some people I have not met yet that have been enjoying my blog, and I would love for y’all to feel free to comment or even subscribe, this blog is for anyone to enjoy if they wish, and I would love to hear your thoughts as well 🙂 don’t be shy! 

Please have a safe and fun Labor Day Weekend!

Deal of the Week: Lowes is having some amazing deals for labor day weekend on all paint as well as other items! Most people BBQ on labor day weekend…I paint…I got a gallon of Olympia paint w/ primer for $13 with their $10 rebate. Also on sale, is grass seed! Which we would be buying if we had any $ left, lol, if you need winter grass where you live, now is a good time to buy it as you should be planting it in the fall! 


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