Historical District of Summerville


When Chris and I first visited Charleston to see if wanted to move here, we happened to stumble upon Summerville. Summerville wasn’t even on our radar, because we heard it was “out of our price range”, so we never looked into it. But a realtor drove us through on our last day of visiting just to get the lay of the land. We fell in love instantly. Summerville has a downtown area of all preserved historic beautiful homes, and we knew we wanted one, but of course they were pricey…so jump ahead to the present and we were able to get one of those beautiful historic homes, but we are the only home that was adopted into the historic district without being located directly in the “historic district”, so ours did not cost us as much as the ones your about to see. We love our home, and we love driving by all the other homes to get ideas, admire, and get a glimpse into the past. Then we found out that there is a self guided walking tour of the historic homes, Chris and I did this last week, and I thought I would share some of the photos with you! Enjoy!

The walking tour took us about 45 minutes to walk, it consisted of 20 homes. There are many more historic homes than that, but these are the ones within walking distance and that had the most historical significance for the area. I included the walking tour guide at the end of the photos in case you wanted any details about the homes. The huge home with the red door was actually a “winter home” for Elizabeth Arden the makeup guru! Love it!


IMG_6205 IMG_6206 IMG_6208 IMG_6209 IMG_6211 IMG_6212 IMG_6213 IMG_6216 IMG_6217 IMG_6218 IMG_6219 IMG_6220 IMG_6221 IMG_6201 IMG_6202 IMG_6203

Walking Tour Guide


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