Summertime House Update!


Chris and I have slowly been working on projects, and I thought I would share with you our updates of what we have been getting done this summer!

First off I wanted to share what we accomplished just yesterday! OUR NEW MAILBOX!!!!!! AHHHHHHH I AM IN LOVE!!!! It feels so official now…LOL. I ordered this beauty from etsy, I will put the link below just in case you need one too, and it is a copper mailbox with our address stamped in it along with dogwood flowers. We got the post from Lowes and just painted it, dug a whole, attached the mailbox and poof we were done! I also am attempting to grow some Clematis vine up the post and some lavender by the sidewalk. We are thinking of also planting lavender along the entire walkway leading up to the house as well, if it grows well by the mailbox first. 

Etsy Copper Mailbox LinkDSC_0045

I then wanted to share our beautiful front door! It is solid Teak, and is original to the house, I will be restaining it at some point because the last owner started sanding it but never finished, it has these stunning carvings in the wood too! It is surrounded on all sides by etched glass, as well as the center. We also added a new door knob, which is connected to our cell phones, so it doesn’t require a key, just our phone to unlock! I think we may eventually change out the coach lights, we are debating on adding gas lamps because they are adored here and AWESOME, but Chris is worried there won’t be enough outside lighting at night. Leave me a comment on your opinions on that?! Also Chris got us a new storm door last week and installed it for us. We wanted one that has a slide down screen so we can get that southern breeze through the house without the bugs 😉 you can also slightly see to the right of the door under the etched glass, the old door bell that you twisted to ring! So cool!!! We are going to make that functional soon too! And of course paint, the porch definitely will need to be repainted, as well as the rest of the inside of the house…




Speaking of doorknobs, we have slowly been collecting glass doorknobs until we have enough to redo all the knobs in the house, this is our collection so far 🙂


This is our family room, before this sofa was a sectional and it took up too much room in the room, so we took out the corner. I also wanted to show our beautiful ceiling in this room! All original heart of pine wood, with not one knot! Also one of our fireplaces as you see the kids are enjoying, unlit, lol. The fireplace mantle is original Tiger Wood. The fan in this room came with the house, though it is not original, we added some edison bulbs to make it feel old. This room still needs paint, and floor molding which will also hide those ugly tv cords. And we are planning to build a console table underneath the tv for storage. 


Next is our dining room. This room is finished other than needing paint! We found this chandelier in our attic, and Chris installed it where a fan previously was, we re-attached the swing door! I LOVE swing doors! You can see another fireplace in this room which the mantle is also made of Tiger Wood and is original to the house. And lastly you can see our beautiful built in which is also original. 





I also wanted to share the parlor with you, or “Chris’ man room”, which is the mirror image of the family room. We brought Chris’ pool table with us from Arizona which looks perfect in this room! And the previous owners left this piano with the house, so my mom said she would like that to be her project and fix it up and tune it. This room also has a fireplace but I missed it in the picture, but it is a white mantle with some beautiful carvings. Again this room needs paint, and we have a tv going in here as well, the light was actually given to us for free from my aunt in Arizona, thanks auntie!  DSC_0018 DSC_0019

In the hallway between the family room and parlor, there was a light fixture missing, as well as in the hallway above it, so we came upon these fixtures at a Habitat for Humanity for $8 each, can’t beat that! And the glass etching lights up the whole ceiling, it worked out beautifully! 

Well that is all I wanted to share with you today! The kids are doing great, summer hasn’t bothered them one bit, and they love saying hello to you! Also wanted to mention that my lovely friend Pat sent us the adorable bird house hanging by our oak tree, and it is the perfect addition to our yard! Love you Pat! 


Mahalo and Happy Summer to you!


3 thoughts on “Summertime House Update!

  1. You both are amazing!!! Thank you for giving us a tour of your beautiful home. Love that mailbox & teak entry door. Beautiful fence to keep the kids in, and glad to hear you both are doing so well and enjoying your home projects together. You both are doing a GREAT job!


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