Deal or No Deal $$$ (Part 2)

Aloha and welcome back!

Last post I told y’all all about groupon and ebates, and started to touch on coupon codes, which I want to talk about a little more in depth now. I am a stickler for online coupon codes, barely ever shop online without one. My favorite place to find coupon codes is probably,, and believe it or not, groupon also has a section for coupons, hahahaha, I love groupon!!!! ❤ I honestly just google it to find good ones, I won’t spend more than 2 minutes hunting for one. For example, I need to order some candles and wallflowers from Bath & Body Works, to make my house smell pretty! The candle I am burning right this second is “Beach Canopy” from the Spring collection and OMG it is my favorite, it smells like Pottery Barn. If you ask Chris what I have always dreamed our house smell like, its pottery barn, and I finally found a scent just like it, success! OK back on topic…I need to place an order for more beach canopy candles and wallflowers, I quickly google “Bath and Body Works coupon code” and BAM! had one for 20% off your purchase, it was SP156035 good until 8/2/2015. (You’re welcome) So that took 2 seconds and I saved some money. So as you can see it is not that hard to save a couple bucks, which over the long run adds up.

One place that requires no leg work but saves $$$, is QVC. Yes I am 26 years old and I shop on QVC and have for years, don’t judge me. QVC to many people is an infomercial, but I honestly like it and have saved a lot with them. They have most of the latest brands, fashions, and have exclusives with those brands that you can’t get anywhere else! For example Keurig coffee makers, did you know QVC has an exclusive color with them? You do now! Same with Kitchen Aid Mixers! They also have major deals that not only include $ off but also add on every accessory imaginable with the purchase of your mixer, or coffee maker. So you have everything you will ever need. QVC also does installment payments to your credit card with no interest or anything, and along with the “Today’s Special Values” which are always a steal! Also they are doing Christmas in July right now, which is my favorite! Get all your christmas shopping done early and on sale, and avoid the craziness later, score!

Chris and I have many hobbies, we stay pretty active and like to be outside, but when we are home, we are watching TV. One of my bad habits, wish I could kick it, but Hi I am Jenna and I am a TV ADDICT!! When we lived in Arizona we had Dish Network with HBO and paid like $120 a month for TV w/internet, ridiculous! Then we got into Hulu & Netflix and decided when we moved here we were going to ditch the dish and only use Hulu and Netflix. It has worked out great for us! Hulu only costs $7.99 a month and Netflix is about the same! So we save over $100 a month this way! I am sure many of you already know this and probably have it already. But, what you may not know, is multiple households can login under the same account! So Chris and I asked my parents if we could login under their name and save an additional $16 a month! FREE TV!!! We already had 2 Roku’s, (devices that accesses those apps, no monthly fee), so we just logged them in and watch TV in SC from my parents account in Hawaii. Not to shabby! In addition to this, in case this may apply to you, my parents still have Dish Network, they are going to cancel it eventually, but for now, I can login in their name at and watch any other shows I want on my laptop, and I grab an hdmi cord and plug it into the TV and there we go. now the catch here is that each app has access to different shows and networks, it is a hassle, but hey were paying a lot less so I can’t complain, but sometimes an episode I want to watch isn’t available, so I then will try the network itself (i.e,, to try and watch it directly. There is plenty to watch otherwise, definitely worth the switch, and we can continue feeding our TV addiction. 

Now y’all know we at the Pelayo household love our furballs! And we treat them like, and debatable at times, better than…”children”. So we obviously try and find money saving ideas when it comes to these munchkins too! We in the past have shopped at petco & petsmart to buy them food and goodies, but my husband works more than fulltime, and lets be realistic, I can barely lift my purse let alone 2x 50lb bags of dogfood, so it became annoying trekking to the store by myself looking like a fool lifting these bags. But randomly one day we came across, and it was life changing! has grown so much over the years and become better and better, but it started out as solely a dog food delivery service. They carry all the same brands as pet stores, but strangely, cheaper and free shipping? I don’t know how they do it but it saves me time, money, and back pain. We have used them for over 4 years now and I’ll be da***ed if I go anywhere else. They have now added treats, medicines, toys, pretty much every doggie item I know of, and obviously I know of way too many as it is. To give you an example, we feed our fuzzies “Fromm Chicken A La Veg”, it is a grain-free top notch pet food which costs us $52.64 per bag at, AND THATS IT, NO TAX OR SHIPPING!!! We have 2 pet stores within a mile of our home, one is literally across the street, the bags costs over $60 each at both of those stores, I have to pay tax on them, I have to lug them home, and I pay more? I don’t think so…I put a link below for you and it also gets you $10 off your first order. Love them! 

2525119239547 IMG_4286

Speaking of my furry friends, two of my dogs, the oldest, Cowboy & Cowgirl, have a lot of health issues. Cowboy is turning 8 this week, and Cowgirl turned 7 in April. Cowgirl has developed a slow glaucoma this last year and is half blind now, and also has a hypothyroid. And Cowboy is developing hip dysplasia. My poor babies! So they are on constant medication which costs a lot of $. One place I found out about from Cowgirl’s new eye doctor, who is amazing, is called It is a website you type your medication name into, and it tells you the price of it at every pharmacy near you. So if it costs $90 at walgreens but $15 at CVS that day, were going to CVS! It has been very helpful and saved us a ton. Cowgirl has to have 3 different eye drop medications 2x a day, or she will go blind, so we go through her medication fast and its pricey, so goodrx has helped! I have Cowboy on something natural that doesn’t go through a pharmacy but thought I would mention it because it has helped him a lot with his hips. He has always had hip issues since he was young, he is pure chow chow and it is hereditary with them, so he has always been on glucosamine, blah blah blah, but then he started to be in pain, he would have a hard time getting up, sometimes whimper, breaks my heart every time. So I wanted to find something stronger for him, that was natural, and I came across long life pet supplements. They specialize in a product solely for dogs arthritis and hip dysplasia that is made up of mainly pure shark cartilage, which help generate new cartilage cells in your babies joints. Much stronger that glucosamine, and it has helped Cowboy be much more comfortable, and he does around a lot more now. You can get the info in the link at the bottom of the page if your interested in that. 🙂 


The last free $ app I like to use for fun is “ShopKick”. Now this would be a great app for teens, as it costs nothing, you don’t have to spend a dime, and it can be fun! ShopKick is an app where you get points just for window shopping, and the points can be redeemed for gift cards to your favorite stores. This is how it works, you show up at Walmart, Walmart gives 100 “kicks (points)” just for walking into the store. Done. Easy right? if you want more points they will give you some just for scanning a couple items, you don’t have to buy the item, just scan it with the app. For example you get 25 kicks for scanning the “Arbor Mist Moscato Wine”, and lets be real, you were already in the alcohol section anyway 😛 Besides the alcohol part, see why it would be great for teens? They are already mad at the world they have to go shopping with you, and are doing nothing helpful while you try to navigate the maze to check off all the items on your massive list. This can give them something to do so they aren’t like “mom are we done yet?”, and it can lead to a gift card for them later on. It is also great for teens when you drop them off at the mall all day when they’re bored but they don’t have any $ to spend. Gives them something to work towards.

Please see the links below to the discount pages I mentioned. Also if you currently save $ couponing with groceries please leave me a comment below on any tips you have, or if you have any other cool ideas to save $ please feel free to share them int he comments! Thank y’all again for reading my blog and I will post more soon!




Groupon Coupon Codes

QVC Christmas in July


Netflix $10 off

Good RX

Long Life Pet Supplements

Shop Kick App


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