Our Bird Cage (mansion)!

Aloha! It has been too long and I apologize! We are finally feeling settled down more, and with that comes going out more and havIMG_5967ing some fun! YAY! We have been making some friends, going to the beach, walking around downtown Charleston, eating out, and just enjoying living here very much! We have of course been working on the house nonstop still, but just taking little breaks in between! One thing I am very excited about is the new member to our furry family! But first the storyIMG_5966 behind it…

When Chris and I got married in 2011, I planned and decorated our entire wedding, which was an outdoor wedding set on top of a hill in a Villa set over the wine country in Temecula, CA, it was beautiful! Our colors were white, champagne, with a touch of yellow. With that in mind, I incorporated gold bird cages, and LOVE canaries, so we had them on the invitations, center pieces, etc. As a surprise, my mom went out and bought actual canaries as a wedding present and to greet the guests as they came in on the guest book table. We named them Romeo & Juliet, and kept them as pets! Romeo sang to his Juliet and they were happy canaries!

invitation 2524877593506 252511927954833692208215592273174421084

IMG_4256 IMG_4470 I then had this idea to make them a larger cage, but didn’t want it to look like a cage! So I went on craigslist, and pinterest, and decided to convert a china hutch into a bird cage! I found the perfect one on craigslist, and got some supplies from home depot and came up with my plan. I got this metal gold mesh used for air duct vents and replaced the back of the hutch with it, as well as the top, for air flow. I converted a tea pot, drilled a whole in the back and attached it to a wood board for a “bird house” got some dowels and stuck them in the wholes where the prior shelves were located. I got a nest from Michaels and threaded ribbon in it to hang from the top, that is their favorite spot! And just added other micellaneous bird items I found at pet stores, and Ross! It actually turned out better than I had planned, and Romeo & Juliet loved it!



2014-09-27 14.59.24

Then last year, Romeo got very sick, we took him to the vet, but he just slowly got worse and worse, and he passed away. We were heartbroken! Juliet seemed sad and lonely, and didn’t seem sick, so we decided to get her a friend about a month later, and named him Paris. We didn’t want to get another yellow canary because we didn’t want Juliet to confuse him with Romeo, and also because that was significant to our wedding day, so we got a red canary! (In the Romeo and Juliet love story, it is actually Paris who is promised to marry Juliet until she falls in love with Romeo). She seemed to like Paris for awhile, but then she seemed lonely again, and she too started getting weak, she passed away 2 months later…We think she was to heartbroken without Romeo. We were very sad, they were a part of our family and our special day! We will always love and miss them! So we have had Paris this whole time and he moved with us to South Carolina, but we hesitated getting him a friend in case he was sick too, and because we knew we were moving. So now that we have settled down, and he is happy and healthy, we finally got him a girlfriend and he is soon happy! We got a white canary, and her name is Venice! We have had her for about 2 weeks now, and they are already in love! They are making a nest, and not wasting anytime at all! LOL! Soon to have baby canaries for sale at our house I think! Anyway I just wanted to share our bird cage and our feathered friends with you!

IMG_5955Now you can see Paris & Venice enjoying their bird cage (mansion)! 


3 thoughts on “Our Bird Cage (mansion)!

  1. Your wedding brought back wonderful memories. That villa was more beautiful than all the beach resorts I’ve stayed at in Hawaii.


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