Spring Update & Kitchen Cabinet Reveal!


Sorry I have been MIA for the past month, I know you thought I was another blog failure! ūüėČ NOPE! Just busy, busy, busy!

So lets get you up to date! Why have we had a busy¬†spring? Other than my usual spring cleaning…

First off, since we last blogged…(no surprise here)…I have been painting cabinets. Cabinets were my life, every day, morning & night, for literally the whole month! My hands got gross callouses, paint on my ligaments was my new accessory, and I barely left the house, it was miserably gratifying! I believe I already told you, we have 81 cabinet and drawer fronts, ridiculous I know. But of course, that wasn’t enough of a challenge for me, I decided to go all out and do 8 layers on every single one. First I cleaned and caulked, and I am still working on step 8 and some false drawer fronts still need to be attached…

This is what I did step by step followed by pictures;

  1. Cabinet/Drawer Fronts got First Coat Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in “Old White”
  2. Second Coat
  3. Third Coat
  4. First Coat Annie Sloan Wax
  5. Back of Cabinets got First Coat of paint
  6. Second Coat, (I decided not to wax the back since they don’t get touched to much)
  7. Glazed the Cabinet/Drawer front creases with Valspar Translucent Glaze
  8. Wax the fronts again, (procrastinating this big time right now…dont judge)



ready to paint! dining room was my painting station! DSC_0010

first & second coat! DSC_0227

waxing away!


Before Glaze on left, After Glaze on right




2015-05-21 08.17.20 2015-05-21 08.18.00 2015-05-21 08.19.03

It was a lot of work, but I had to get them done for 2 BIG reasons; 1. My kitchen was green, eewww. 2. My family was visiting and we were throwing a housewarming party! Hence, bringing us back to being¬†crazy busy, getting ready to have the house decent for our party! We got a lot of projects done and in my moms own words, “Its like the house is coming to life again.” I agree! Miss Scarlet is starting to come together, and she is beautiful!¬†We also got a huge amount of landscaping done, we trimmed bushes, chainsawed branches, planted grass, planted flower bushes, raked leaves, edged, planted flowers, hung flower boxes and pots, mulched, composted, and planted a garden! phew!!

IMG_5660 IMG_5659 IMG_5661 IMG_5658


This is the lake in back of our house!


we won these hand painted rocking chairs at an artist fundraiser rocking chair auction!


making flower boxes! our housewarming gift from my mommy!IMG_5833

We have officially unpacked all of our boxes! Yay! We also got the dining room put together, which was the last room unfinished. We installed a doggie door for the kiddos! Finished our master closet!

2015-05-21 08.19.50

2015-05-21 08.19.30



Went through half of the stuff left in the attic which was mostly trash and got the huge junk pile taken out thanks to our awesome neighbors! We also have been talking to the neighbors a lot more! They sent us these pictures they have from our house when his grandparents owned it!

This picture was taken in 1985, before a major Hurricane hit SC, most of these trees are gone now because of it.



These pictures were taken the 1990’s




My parents and sister came for a visit May 5th-17th! It is the first time they have seen the house, which they loved, and they helped us with some projects and painting also! Thanks mama and papa! While they were here, we did so much exploring and ate out wayyyy to much! They sure loved the Southern food for sure! We also had our housewarming party while they were here, and we had every friend we have made here attend, it was a full house and a lot of fun and more food!¬†Chris and I have been hitting the gym everyday since they left, LOL! We went to Cypress Gardens where my favorite movie, “The Notebook” was filmed and rowed a boat on the swamp just like Ally & Noah! We went to 2nd Sunday on Mother’s Day and explored the shops and market, took mom out to dinner at Magnolias that night, we went on a nighttime Charleston Ghost Tour, creepy creepy! We went the Middleton Plantation and did a Wine Walk through the gardens, we got a little toasted on that one, not gonna lie. We took a house tour of Drayton Hall. Chris took the family to the local farmers market while I worked. Oh and we shopped till we dropped, of course. Here are some pictures from their visit:



Gator we saw when out on the row boat!IMG_5781





this is the COOLEST BEER OPENER EVER! It catches your beer cap! AMAZING! We have like 20 on it now and they just keep stacking!




3 thoughts on “Spring Update & Kitchen Cabinet Reveal!

  1. That isn’t even the same kitchen, wow! Wish I could have made it to your housewarming it sounds like you had an amazing time.


    1. Haha! I still can’t believe we did all that! I was looking through the old pictures when you first took us through the house and there was no floor and it feels like forever ago! You are welcome to come by anytime sweetie!


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