One renovation just wasn’t enough!

As you know, (or will now), my last career was the owner of my pet sitting business in Arizona, which I have since left in very good hands. I absolutely loved it, and it was very rewarding, fun, and surprisingly I made good money too. But now that we have moved to SC, we live in an area that is already filled with pet sitters, and a larger town so it doesn’t make it worth the drive across the city to visit pets as it did in Maricopa, AZ, which was much smaller. So Chris and I decided I was going to start working, but I didn’t necessarily need to work full time, so I just had to decide what I was looking for.

I started looking at office jobs, pet jobs, beauty/cosmetics places, anything that I at least had an interest in, but nothing really stuck out. I had no idea what I was looking for, so really just anything would be fine for now. Then I noticed a “Now Hiring” sign pop up on a place I had been wanting to take Chris to that was one door down from our house. It is a pair of historic homes that have been converted to a Victorian Tea House! I called to inquire about the job, and she said she was looking for a waitress and some other things possibly later on, which is what I expected, but hey to walk next door for work would be sooo nice! She said to come by and meet her. I went over there, and we bonded pretty fast! She is a lovely lady and has been running the tea house for over 20 years. Her daughter makes these beautiful pet beds out of repurposed furniture pieces so they love dog people. She loved that I lived next door, and knew my house well, and she was impressed that I had owned my own business and went to interior decorating school. So she said I was perfect for another job she had in mind, and if I would be interested…

Along with being a proper tea house that serves light lunches in the victorian room or in the gardens, they also host little Girls Birthday Tea Parties! Oh my goodness these parties are the cutest things ever! Little girls come with all their girlfriends, and are provided “moms” dresses, heels, jewelry, gloves and hats, and get all dressed up for their tea party where they have lunch and cupcakes. Well she had been hosting these parties for years in a cute room in the back of the tea house. Well recently she decided to convert the other house on the property to be strictly for these parties and wanted to start separating herself from the parties and just focus on the tea house. This is where I come in. She asked me if I wanted to host these parties, and eventually if I wanted to, to run them for her, and I would essentially take over for her. I was so excited and said yes! How do I get so lucky to find these fun and amazing jobs? I don’t know!

I have been working for her for the past month, however, we have only started the parties this past week, because the house had to be completely redone first. When I haven’t been working here at my house, I have been working over at that house! But we are finally getting the last loose ends pulled together, and have 3 rooms to hold parties. The main room is decorated for the little girls tea parties, it is glittery, girly and fun. We then have a spa room that will be for pampering spa birthday parties with mini mani’s & pedi’s and cucumber eye masks. The last room is modern and sophisticated for tweens and teens for karaoke and to hang out. We will have an ice cream bar and the big front porch for more seating. So much fun right?!!!!

The tea room is pretty much finished, and we had our first party over there last weekend, and it was so adorable I can’t even stand it! The little girls talk about the darnest things, and get so excited over their dresses and jewelry. They were singing and dancing and the parents had so much fun watching them. I am going to love planning them and getting everything ready, and enjoy watching the little girls faces as they walk in. We also hired this sweet girl in high school to assist me during the parties, and she just started this week. We are already planning parties together so I think its going to be a fun summer!!IMG_5608IMG_5626



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