All About The House!

As I write this I am sitting on my screened in back porch as the rain is lightly sprinkling, my wind chime I hung this DSC_0228morning is twinkling in the light breeze, and my dogs are laying by my feet fast asleep…this to me is home! I am so relaxed here, at peace, and it feels right. I wake up everyday with a smile on my face and tell my husband I am so grateful he was able to get us here, again thank you hunny!! I can’t say it enough…

To give you a little history on our home, it was built possibly in the 1890’s, making it over 125 years old! There are some stories it may have been built even as far back as the 1820’s, but we recently found out our neighbors grandfather built this house and he grew up in it, so we will find out the truth and I will update you when I know šŸ˜‰ Our neighbors are very kind and are actually our age and a married couple too!

So “supposedly” a Mr. Jameson (well known family here in Summerville) built the home for his sick wife as a vacation home from the hustle and bustle in Charleston, and when he first cleared the trees, he donated them to be used to build the church 2 doors down from us. The builder of the church also started the first tea plantation in the USA here in Summerville, which later created Sweet Tea, and that is how sweet tea was born!Ā Later the house was taken over by Sheriff Limehouse (another big family name here in SC), who was the sheriff of Summerville for many years, and who illegally brewed moonshine in the backyard during the prohibition, and he would purposely arrest his competition, haha! The home then stayed in his family until 4 years ago. So we will have to check with our neighbor on what parts of that story are correct or not.


Our house is 2700 square feet, has 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, with a den, formal dining room, parlor, and a sunroom. Because it was built over a century ago, it also has 7 fireplaces, WOW, which was used as heating back then, we will be having them all checked before next winter to see if we can use them safely! We have a very large front porch, and screened in back porch with an extended uncovered brick porch. The home sits on a half acre, which used to be part of a 10 acre plantation. The remaining 9 acres in back of us was purchased by a builder and is currently building a very cute mini subdivision. In back of our property is also a small farm with 8 cows who are just adorable, and next to that is a small lake that we can see from our backyard. I didn’t even know the lake was there until we ate breakfast in our kitchen for the first time! BONUS! Our home sits in the heart of Summerville. We technically are zoned to be either residential or commercial, so if I ever decide to I can run a business if I choose to. We are located a stones throw from grocery stores and restaurants, and Starbucks (that was the selling point for me! just kidding!) It has been very convenient though to run across the street for beer and ice cream during this renovation! Here are a bunch of pictures for y’all…and you can see the refinished floors!!


Moving in and unpacking has been my life for the past 2 weeks. I cannot tell you how many boxes I have unpacked, but I would say I am about 75% done, the rest I will do slowly after I go through the attic, which is another crazy task! The attic is another 1000 sq ft and full of the prior owners stuff they just left behind! Down the line we may convert it to another living space, mom and dad hinted a mother-in-law suite, haha. I also have been taking on the huge task of painting our kitchen cabinets, which I am not kidding, has 81 door and drawer pieces. But I will get it done! We also hung our porch swing DSC_0238yesterday! Our new favorite spot!

kitchen cabinets before:


kitchen cabinets after first coat of annie sloan chalk paintDSC_0226DSC_0227

Chris when not at work has been mainly working on the landscaping which was neglected for months while selling and full of leaves and “widow-makers” which are broken branches just waiting to fall from the huge trees! We made a huge compost pile which was filled with leaves after one day, so the rest we’ve been having picked up by the city, they bring a tractor and trailer and take your yard waste away, and we still aren’t done! But OMG let me tell you about the flowers here!!! AHHHHHH!!! I am in love! Everything is starting to bloom, we have wisteria growing up in all the trees and along our driveway, we have giant azalea bushes all over the front and backyard, you can see them just starting to bloom in some of the pictures, there are two giant camellia bushes in the back, we have pansies and daffodils that sprout up all over the yard, I just planted a hydrangea tree which is my favorite flower! I am going to get like 20 bushes and plant them everywhere! We also have a Live Oak covered in Spanish Moss entering our driveway, I am guessing its over 400 years old maybe? There are 3 HUGE Magnolia trees I am dying to see bloom here in the next couple months. It is just beautiful here. Oh and song birds sing too!



I don’t know where all the cows were when I took these šŸ˜„

Now I know this sounds like a lot of house for two people, and I will be honest, it is. It will be constant cleaning, and never ending maintenance and work. Just ask Chris, he has been landscapingĀ and raking leaves nonstop. But to us it is so worth it, and this home was actually sold to us for lessĀ than the cookie cutter new homes they are building behind us…but a million times nicer in my humble opinion. Also the dogs love the space! They are so happy here, running around chasing squirrels, making puzzling looks when the cows “mmmoooo”, and rolling around in the leaves getting it stuck to their fur for mommy to brush out! LOL.

DSC_0268DSC_0269 DSC_0297 DSC_0285 DSC_0282IMG_5598IMG_5599

More to come soon…


4 thoughts on “All About The House!

  1. It’s so beautiful all around. Your descriptions and photos make it come alive!!! Thanks for sharing your great life!!! The dogs look as happy as you sound. I love the porch swing, and covered porch. They both remind me of ours years ago in the Midwest. The flowers are beautiful and the house is coming along so well. The history is such an added bonus!! I think you’ve found your “perfect” place. šŸ™‚ and the house found the perfect couple for much needed TLC outside and inside…


  2. Amazing!! I agree it reminds me of the Midwest…Jason childhood home looks very similar to that. Thank you for sharing and keep it coming! Miss you.


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